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Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Thank goodness the Ass Man reminded me about this new one by these Fuzzy Riff Bastards.
paul rote
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paul rote I love it when a retro band gets more and more retro each album. This release is outstanding. Tons of familiar riffs but they’re still fresh on this album ! Favorite track: Capping Day.
𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡-𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔢𝔱-𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡 thumbnail
𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡-𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔢𝔱-𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡 𝓛ike a cold river through a burning village or stratum of metal in deepest bedrock, Mountain Witch are seasoned walkers of the sonic line; the harmonious dichotomies of heavy melody, raw finesse and radiant darkness. Accordingly, 'Extinct Cults' exists as both primeval prototype and realized pièce de rock 'n' roll résistance. A contemporary chapter in that most classic of cookbooks. Favorite track: Extinct Cults.
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Capping Day 06:02
we have gathered here today to witness and to celebrate your dedication by the rite your deliverance of all ambition - its just a piece of mind you act different since that day doubt and revulsion went away you deny your former self like youth was just a foolish dream somethings never change we work and pray, we live and lay labour feeds us well we thank our masters every day interlude: sunbeams pierce the crowns of trees these ruins, they hold ancient mysteries some say that vagrants are all mad and some say that man once was free break: pack your things, run away to the white mountains, this very day join the resistance, go to war no more slavery anymore! it sure will hurt from time to time to leave the sheltered lifes behind to stay the course towards the dawn of mankinds glorious return somethings never change some embers will allways remain the vital spark of defiance against the rulers of this world
black widow bite venomous kiss- good night i slept so tight i slept....so tight a leap of fate i woke up in a shallow grave no time to lose you made a big mistake the coffin lid breaks dirt pours into my face i must save my breath i must avenge disgrace its gonna be alright only got buried alive clenched fist arise i`ll kick some ass tonight back from the grave i can smell your fear since i`m back from the grave ultra vision in the night back from the grave i can smell your fear since i`m back from the grave my senses sharpened like a knife dont know whats worse... you pay your depths from a dead mans purse you stole my ride yeah, you stole my bride you booze up on my stash while i lie thirsty in the ground you didnt feed the spider what goes around comes around bonded by blood you`ve brought shame upon the brotherhood now you lay down the cut! it`s already tainted enough the leader of the pack tonight i'm comming back you got me buried alive i`m killing you tonight back from the grave i can smell your fear since i`m back from the grave ultra vision in the night back from the grave i can smell your fear since i`m back from the grave my senses sharpend like a knife
Worship You 04:24
you came, one misty morning, into this one-horse town your hair flies like the raven you wear a pitch black gown i stood there in the churchyard did not know what to do one look into your blazing eyes my soul belongs to you she has come leaves you overcome better run while you can they call me good for nothing a long haired swine, oh well a heathen and a sinner Im gonna burn in hell you give my life a purpose i know now what to do a headsman in your service i`ll pave the way for you run run we shall overcome scourge of mankind let it burn! forever worship you sacrifice them all to you forever worship you you just point and i execute you are the queen of this realm redeeming every witches trials forever worship you sacrifice them all to you forever worship you you just point and i execute see their idols burn and shine every wayside cross and shrine as they for once appear sublime before they join the sands of time
you say in the beginning when things were plain and pure at the bosom of mother nature in the valleys of the clueless where joyful rivers flow under the sun`s benevolent glow B sometimes you were the hunter sometimes you were the prey everything was in best order couldn't it stay that way? the wisdom of the ancient is lost on us you say but some things hold up to this day there will allways be some wise ass and dimwits to be told mystical mind fuck a-ok so lets build a fire just for old times sake the circle is closing in on you the wicker man awaits .... all things bright and beautiful all things great and small you say your lord god made them all the rich man in his castle the poor man at his gate god made them, ordered their estate lets come together let us celebrate 2000 years of piss take who`s burning at the stake? no hope for a better world in the realm of fantasy no escape from reality for you and me when they rape you in the name of christ yeah, hollidays in jonestown seem quite nice when they abduct you into ufos yeah...who knows no more power to the true and tried allways leads to genocide take a good look at the world today cant you see that chaos reigns no more kneeling before any god walk away and quit the cult tear the scepter from the human claw nature is the only law you say your favorite izm is the only way to be if only everyone could see a truncheon in the kisser is the only thing I see cos you're at your wit's end again lets start a fire all to the barricades beat the shit out of each other all hail democracy! no hopes for a better world in the realm of fantasy no escape from reality for you and me
good advice to keep inside when they roam the streets at night lost your mind or lost your way hailed by the beasts of prey ravenous and dead set on bloodshed till the crack of dawn ruthless killers without soul walk their meals off with a stroll winter is upon us darkness is besieging us with forests bleak and meadows cold times of hunger are foretold long forgotten, your old friend side by side we stalked the land signs of weakness, desperate needs nameless cowardice and greed just join in and howl along: wilderness, thy kingdom come! winter is here again man is wolf to man please let go of me! take my cash, be gone! what does that get you? what have i done wrong?
I woke up this morning with ruins in my head still hear the sirens scream: shit finally hit the fan the world had come crashing down on us i dreamt the end so clearly i`m never going back (to normal) outside the bus window the world looks unreal business as usual the turning of the wheel hundreds of millions of people fear they might come off badly if they don`t fullfil every desire aroused by the screen most of them seem to believe nature is intended to serve them soon will they know where they stand in the grand scheme people prepare for desaster waiting for the gears to suspend the final consumption expenditure this day and age has come to an end hundreds of millions of people with hopes and illusions squeeze themselfs into traffic, go to work in the city every day they belief that the people in charge try to find a solution or that the powers that be will let go of the greed and make way, one fine day people say dont blame the goverment these short-sighted gluttons in suits but tell me then, who wields the masses who`s leading us by the nose the devil, probably! (outro) suddenly its 5 p.m. and again the siren screams dressed in a boiler suit and i don`t know what it means c`mon lets go down to the pub and get some medizine and suddenly i realize, oh, it all was just a dream hey man, what are you waiting for.hey hey , lets call it a day lets just deny the facts and look the other way all worldly terrors are just echoes of my mind everyone seems reassured and i`ll get another pint


Mountain Witch - Extinct Cults

After four years of conspirative plotting, Mountain Witch return with a new album. Extinct Cults features 6 new songs of gloomy, doomy, stubbornly rocking heavy metal. With a moody production that reflects oldschool instinctiveness rather than vintage mimicry. For fans of year dates one could describe the sound as early 80s but probably somewhere in the countryside, where people still, unsuspectingly honour the old gods of 70s heaviness but ride on faster mopeds! Album opener Capping Day screams "Sabbath Purple Sabbath", Back From The Grave sports a gloomy polysynth and evokes 80s horror-b-movies the same as Worship You. The title track Extinct Cults smashes the simon-and-garfunkelesk idyll of its intro with chunky lumber of pissed off doom `n roll. The quirky metal of Man is Wolf To Man chases its prey to its final destination, The Devil Probably, a musical day of unbaptised judgment.
for fans of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Angel Witch, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar and all that stuff...



released May 29, 2020


all rights reserved



Mountain Witch Hamburg, Germany

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